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Although many people think of the Tiree Love Song as a traditional folk song it was in fact written in the late 19th Century by Andrew Sinclair whose family came from the Island of Tiree. Sinclair wrote the lyrics in Scottish Gaelic, and the original title was Am Falbh Thu Leam a Rìbhinn Òg (Will You Come and Go With Me)? Hugh S. Roberton rewrote the lyrics into English in the mid 20th Century. We arranged the song for harp, voice and guitar to play at a friend's wedding.


A ree a ra my bonny wee love.
A ree a ra my fair one.
Will you come away with me love
to be my own my rare one

Smiling the land and smiling the sea
Sweet was the smell of the heather
Treading it lightly with dancing feet
the two of us together

All together down by the sea
Down by the sea in the gloamin'
Would we were yonder just you and me
the two of us together